UV night dive

See the reef as never before on a Belmar Oceanfront Apartments UV Night Dive

From Belmar Oceanfront Apartments Bonaire:

Belmar Dive shop has now introduced Ultra Violet (UV) night diving as a new experience for our diving guests. With a special blue light and a filter for your dive mask this night dive will totally amaze you. This is a great dive for people with some night diving experience who would like to try something different. The fluorescence is not the same as bioluminescence which you will be able to see on almost any night dive. During a UV night dive you will see the beautiful corals and sponges like you have never seen them before and array of colors yellow, orange, white, red, gold, purple… and in a magical  display of light.

For those of you who have seen the film Avatar this experience is like being in the film! Come and speak to us here in the dive shop to book a UV Night Dive. We only take out small groups of up to 5 people at a time to make sure it is really a dive to remember.

The reef explodes in colors not seen before

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