We love everything about weird pictures of animal heads on beer drinking human bodies, don’t you? Sort of a Bonaire Island of Doctor Moreau vibe. Bring on the Madness!

Here’s the deal.

  • Come to Bonaire for 7 nights or longer from Nov 29-Dec 21, 2014 and stay at Buddy Dive Resort, Belmar Oceanfront Apartments or Caribbean Club Bonaire and book a dive package.
  • Here’s what you get:  2nd diver dives for free (see below restrictions), 2 free extra boat dives with the Drive & Dive 6 boat dive package, Free Scuba Try-out for non-divers, Free t-shirt, special pricing on photo classes, plus weekly treasure hunt w/ prizes, musical performances, contests, parties & more surprises!

For Groups: In addition to everything above, bring 8 people and you only pay for 7; free copy of Bonaire Shore Diving Made Easy for group leaders.

Some clarifications:

2nd Diver Dives for free:

-At Buddy Dive, Caribbean Club Bonaire or Belmar Oceanfront Apartments the 2nd Diver Dives for free on the 6 days shore diving as well as 6 days boat diving (if added).

Upgrade to eight 1-tank boat dives:

-This upgrade from 6 tanks of boat dives to 8 tanks of boat dives is ONLY valid when booking a 6 boat dive package.

Our mad scientist type travel gurus are standing by with the secret formula to Bonaire Madness 2014.