Bonaire Marine Park to Raise Admission Fee Effective March 1, 2019

Bonaire stands out among Caribbean destinations because of its longstanding commitments to its natural resources, particularly the Bonaire Marine Park.  The protection of the island’s unique natural attractions - the fringing coral reefs, Klein Bonaire, [...]

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Den Laman Condominiums – Our Review

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Tucked quietly away just off the Hato roundabout, at the start of “hotel row,” is one of our favorite boutique destinations on Bonaire. With an enviable location overlooking Bari Reef and Klein Bonaire and a [...]

More Flights to Bonaire on American and Delta

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Paradise just got easier to get to! To go along with American Airlines’ non-stop service to Bonaire every Saturday, the airline is adding service on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, starting Dec 19, 2018 and scheduled [...]

DEMA 2019 Group Specials for Bonaire

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The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) show is typically accompanied by a ton of great specials provided by popular dive destinations like Bonaire.  This year's specials for Bonaire certainly don't disappoint! These great deals [...]

Bonaire Mangroves

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Here’s a brief (and beautiful) video from Scott David Martin. If you have not visited the mangrove ecosystem of Bonaire, this video will convince you to go on your next trip! Bonaire - Mangroves from [...]

Belmar Oceanfront Apartments Review

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Sometimes when we head to Bonaire, we’re craving a low key, home-like experience ... if our home was located directly on the sparkling Caribbean Sea, that is. When chill-mode is equally as important as time [...]

Bonaire Reefs say NO to Oxybenzone

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Proving, once again, that Bonaire is a leader in reef conservation, the island’s government unanimously approved a motion to ban all sunscreen products that contain ingredients harmful to coral reefs. This makes Bonaire the second [...]