FlexPlan – Our NEW Flexible Booking Policy

We are introducing our new Flexible Booking Policy – FlexPlan -- which allows you to delay your travel to Bonaire and transfer your payments to another travel date, completely free of charge, with no penalties or fees. Whether [...]

By | June 5th, 2020|

Supporting Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire

By | June 11th, 2020|Categories: Bonaire Island Life, Bonaire News, Inside BonairePros, Reviews|

Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire started in 2012 as a non-profit pilot project to collect and grow two coral species with the aim to restore damaged sites around the island. They have grown into a foundation [...]

Support Bonaire – Redefining Bonaire Tourism

By | June 3rd, 2020|Categories: All about Bonaire, Inside BonairePros, Travel Updates|

During the weeks following the closing of Bonaire’s borders and tourism, the leadership team at Bonaire Pros shifted their vision to the future challenges Bonaire faces as a destination and our role as stakeholder, expanding [...]

Boneiru Fuerte – Show Your Support for Bonaire

By | May 18th, 2020|Categories: All about Bonaire, Bonaire Island Life, Inside BonairePros|

Boneiru Fuerte -- that's Bonaire Strong in Papiamentu. We anxiously await the day when we can return to the island we love. And Bonaire is counting on all of us to come back. We have [...]

Bonaire Pros Travel Help Line – Free Assistance During Coronavirus Crisis

By | April 17th, 2020|Categories: Bonaire News, Inside BonairePros|

Assisting our customers in navigating the new travel landscape brought on by the coronavirus has become a daily part of our routine at Bonaire Pros. Here is what we have learned: Ever-changing travel restrictions and [...]