Bonaire Guided Snorkel Excursions 

Although snorkeling on Bonaire is easy to enjoy for most every visitor (read our blog about best shore snorkel sites here), there are some great advantages to booking a Bonaire guided snorkel tour — whether by boat or with an experienced private guide. 

A guided snorkel tour can cater to your wishes – whatever those wishes are! Are you somewhat unsure about your snorkel skills? Guides can assist and provide tips for better snorkeling! Do you want to see the best underwater life Bonaire has to offer? Our recommended guides and tours will make sure you do! Do you want to learn a little more about the marine life you see? A top notch guide can help explain much of what you see in Bonaire’s fabulous Marine Park. Because the list of snorkeling excursions on Bonaire is extensive, here are some of our recommended tours and guides that we know will make your snorkel experience memorable.

Boat snorkeling excursions:

Compass Sailing
Compass Sailing is well known on the island for their many types of sail, snorkel and cruise excursions. On their half day Sail and Snorkel trip you will sail to two of the best reefs of Bonaire and Klein Bonaire. You’ll spend about one hour at each location so you’ll have plenty of time to explore the colorful corals and view an amazing variety of marine life. Before hitting the water, the professional crew will give you extensive snorkeling info and tips. As soon as you’re done snorkeling you’ll be pampered on board with tasty snacks, prepared by an experienced chef. / +(599) 786 7757 /

Compas snorkeling BonairePhoto credits: Compass Sailing

The Woodwind, a large sailing catamaran, ranks #1 on the TripAdvisor’s list of Best Tours in Bonaire. During their 5-hour trip you will stop at three different snorkel sites near Klein Bonaire. The guides are all rescue-trained and knowledgable about the underwater marine life. As the boat follows the snorkelers, you can go back on board any time you like, making the Woodwind a perfect activity for families and snorkelers of all ages. After snorkeling, enjoy a famous ‘Woodwind rum ’n punch’ while sailing back to port. The Woodwind sails with a minimum of eight and a maximum of 25 people. / +(599) 786 7055 /

Compas Bonaire Snorkeling Tour
Photo credits: Woodwind

Sea Cow Snorkeling Bonaire
And while we’re in the TripAdvisor list of Best Tours on Bonaire: the Sea Cow sits among the top options. The Sea Cow is a genuine (and unique) Venezuelan built work boat that brings you to the best snorkel sites of Klein Bonaire. Their Double Dip Snorkel Trip takes 3 hours and includes 2 snorkel stops, snorkel gear, drinks and snacks. During this trip a professional photographer makes gorgeous underwater photos that you can purchase at the end of the tour. A tangible memory of a beautiful experience! / +(599) 785 7727 /

Sea cow Snorkeling BonairePhoto credits: Zsuzsanna Pusztat

Epic Tours
This recent entrant to Bonaire’s sail and snorkel arena raises the ‘snorkel-tour’ bar to a VIP level! Epic Tours offers fully customized sail and snorkeling tours with a maximum of 10 people. Our personal favorite? The ‘Chill & Grill’! Enjoy five hours of sailing, two guided snorkel sites, high quality snorkeling gear, an onboard de-li-ci-ous dinner (how does fresh tuna sashimi along with grilled tenderloin sound?), open bar and a Caribbean sunset with majestic views over Bonaire. A truly unforgettable experience! / +(599) 777 2628 /

Epic Tours Bonaire Sailing
Photo credits: Epic Tours Bonaire

Shore snorkeling excursions:

H2o Visions
H2o Visions is considered one of the top rated shore snorkeling guides on Bonaire. All local guides are fully trained and very knowledgable about local marine life. Besides spotting the many marine species, you will learn about undersea habitats, fish identification and behaviors. The snorkel sites are chosen based on your snorkel experience, comfort level and your preferences to which species you hope to encounter. Never snorkeled before? Beginner snorkel lessons are included in the half- and full day tours. / +(599) 700 4361 /

Renee Snorkel Trips
Renee Leach has been organizing snorkeling tours on Bonaire since 1991. Her never-ending enthusiasm and background as a biologist makes every tour both fun and educational. Since the ocean is her second home, Renee knows where to find Bonaire’s most special creatures! The trips are catered to any age group, 3 to 93 year olds and with a maximum of 4 to 5 people per group. For the more adventurous snorkelers we can recommend a guided night snorkel! / +(599) 785 0771 /

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