Bonaire’s Fabulous Food Trucks

Most people are surprised (and delighted) to discover Bonaire’s exceptional food scene. Some of the Caribbean’s most creatively delicious restaurants (that’s another article) are found on this small island. But in recent years, a growing collection of Bonaire food trucks have become favorites of both locals and visitors alike.

Ready for some island style ‘quick and tasty’? Here’s a fleet of our favorite, fabulous, Bonaire food trucks that deliver sensational eats and treats at prices that are easy on the pocket book.

Kite City

The TripAdvisor list of ‘best restaurants on Bonaire’ proves that food trucks are fierce competitors for the established restaurants. Kite City, one of the best-known food trucks on the island, ranks #1 on the list! And honestly, we understand why. Kite City simply has it all: the perfect oceanfront setting on Te Amo beach with cold drinks, good tunes, and comfortable seating. And the food is simply phenomenal. Fresh seafood, from their sashimi platter to their perfectly grilled tuna burger, are absolute winners. Enjoyed with a glass of their home-made sangria, Kite City is definitely worth a detour – no matter where you are on the island. Kite City is open every day (except Sat) between 11:30 AM and 7PM.

Food Truck Bonaire Kite City
Photo credits: Kite City

Cactus Blue

Cactus Blue was one of the first food trucks on Bonaire. Their sign says: ‘You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a burger and that’s pretty close’. In the case of Cactus Blue, we couldn’t agree more. Tamara, the new owner, has added her own twist to the now famous lionfish burger and beef burger recipes, Our verdict? As good as it ever was — and maybe better! Make sure to go for an early lunch since you’re probably not the only one who is craving for these heavenly, hand-sized delights. The truck is open Monday to Friday from 11AM to 3PM at Donkey beach across from the airport.

Bonaire Food Truck Blue Cactus

Cocos Truck

Cocos Truck is just what the names says — fresh coconuts directly from a pickup. His truck is painted in bright colors and is filled with fresh coconuts that the owner chops open with a machete on the spot. That’s fresh! Put a straw in your coconut and you’re on your way. Our advice: find a bench on the seaside promenade and sip your coconut while overlooking the clear blue Caribbean sea. It doesn’t easily get any more tropical island than this! The coconut truck can be found on the corner of the Kaya Grandi (across the road from the MCB Bank) and is only there on days when a cruise ship is docked in Kralendijk.

Food Truck Bonaire Coconut

Lennys Shave Ice

Shave ice is a relatively new concept on Bonaire. But who doesn’t love something cold and refreshing in the tropics? Shave Ice is super fine and fluffy (think snow) and when topped with flavored syrups and juices, provides a delicious refreshment. It’s a perfect treat to cool down on a warm Bonaire day or to quench your thirst after diving. For the fruit enthusiasts among us, Lenny also sells fresh smoothies. Simply pick your favorite type of fruit and they will make you a tasty, freshly blended, deliciously cold smoothie. The truck is located at the northern roundabout (across from Trans World Radio Studios) and opens every day from 1PM.

Food Truck Bonaire Lennys shave icePhoto credits: Lenny’s shave ice

King Kong Burger 

One of the latest additions to Bonaire’s food truck movement is King Kong Burger. The truck is centrally located at Bachelor’s Beach, a spot with vistas overlooking Kralendijk bay, with covered tables and plenty of parking. The owners Asko and Jana prepare simple, affordable quality food featuring – you guessed it – hotdogs, hamburgers and fries! They cook for both meat lovers and vegetarians and only use fresh products. KKB is open 11AM til Sunset, Tues-Sat. How does a 100% beef burger with parmesan cheese, truffle paste and arugula sound? Or the Nacho Libre burger with guac, sour cream and salsa? Okay, we’re outta here. Time for lunch!

Food Truck Bonaire King Kong

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  1. Dale March 31, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    So glad to hear about the food trucks. That is the one thing we did not like about Bonaire were the food options. I think I ate iguana for chicken once but did not know so I was alright.


  2. David April 1, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    why didn’t you mention the best chicken on the island from Rob’s behind Napa ?

  3. admin April 3, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    Hi David – you must be referring to Kip Tukkie? His chicken is the bomb!

  4. admin April 3, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    Wow Dale — then you missed a LOT of great restaurants on Bonaire. Email me before you ever go back so we can point you in the right direction to awesome meals!

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