Why a Trip to Bonaire is the Only New Year’s Resolution You’ll Ever Need

The end of the year: a time of love, celebration and spending time with family and friends. But also, a time of reflection on the previous year and setting goals for the next. Over 45% of Americans polled make New Year’s resolutions. But not many actually keep them. Planning a trip to Bonaire for 2017 can resolve that. Here’s how to keep all your New Year’s Resolutions while spending an unforgettable stay on Bonaire.

Resolution 1. Eat healthier 

Some of the best restaurants of the Caribbean are located on Bonaire. There is no place to find fresher fish than here. What’s healthier than fresh fish? Nuff said.

Resolution 2. Exercise more

World’s number 1 shore diving destination also happens to have ideal conditions for kite and windsurfing, stand-up-paddling, snorkeling, biking and more. You’ve got to admit this sounds a whole lot better than spending your evenings at the gym!

Resolution 3. Spend more time with family and friends

All the previous mentioned evenings that you’d supposed to spend at the gym, you can now spend with your loved ones exploring exciting new sports! A classic two-birds, one-stone situation! Can this get any better?

Resolution 4. Learn a new language

Bonaire has 2 official languages: Dutch and Papiamentu. So if one doesn’t work for you, you can easily switch to the next. The friendly residents are more than happy to help you expand your vocabulary over a beer or a cocktail.

Resolution 5. Manage stress better

Bonaire has a true laid-back Caribbean vibe. One of the first words you’ll learn here is ‘poco poco’, which means something like ‘take it slow and easy’. Stress magically disappears here. Hey – you just learned the first words of your new language!

Resolution 6. Enjoy life to the fullest

Leave work for a while and totally unwind. Relax on our beautiful beaches, enjoy a delicious Caribbean meal, spend time with family and friends and discover our beautiful nature. If that isn’t enjoying life to the fullest, we don’t know what is.

Resolution 7. Travel more

Getting started is easy. Send us an email via mytrip@bonairepros.com or request a quote via this link and we’ll be happy to help you reach your New Year’s Resolutions by organizing you a perfect Bonaire holiday!

The team of BonairePros wishes you a wonderful, relaxing and adventurous 2017!

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