Dispatches from Bonaire – Coronavirus a Blessing in Disguise?

By |September 1st, 2020|

Note – From our friends at Wannadive Bonaire, owner and founder Bart Snelder lends his perspective of where Bonaire has been since the pandemic (and where it is going). Longtime reader’s of our blog will remember Bart and Bob’s Dive Report from decades past. Thanks Bart, for bringing your writing back to the pages […]

Dispatches from the Island

By |July 14th, 2020|

Random musings and observations from an Island Girl.

July 5, 2020 – 6:30 AM – As I write this, I am sitting by the water watching the sun rise above those rolling, billowing clouds that race across a typical island morning sky on Bonaire. It will be another hour or so before the sky reclaims […]

Support Bonaire – Redefining Bonaire Tourism

By |June 3rd, 2020|

During the weeks following the closing of Bonaire’s borders and tourism, the leadership team at Bonaire Pros shifted their vision to the future challenges Bonaire faces as a destination and our role as stakeholder, expanding our company’s focus and mission. Financially stable and looking beyond the current events shaping travel, we have redefined and […]

Boneiru Fuerte – Show Your Support for Bonaire

By |May 18th, 2020|

Boneiru Fuerte — that’s Bonaire Strong in Papiamentu.

We anxiously await the day when we can return to the island we love. And Bonaire is counting on all of us to come back. We have a vision that includes you.

Send us an email with your name and mailing address to mytrip@bonairepros.com and we’ll send you […]

Bonaire’s Best Lunch Spots for Divers – Where To Eat Between Dives

By |September 23rd, 2019|

There’s nothing quite like a morning spent exploring Bonaire’s beautiful reefs. But all that diving sure works up an appetite, doesn’t it? And the day is only half done! So which Bonaire lunch spot will you sample today?

Whether you’re just counting down the minutes of your surface interval or drying your gear for the […]

Bonaire: The Green Destination

By |November 10th, 2017|

Did you know #Bonaire was voted one of the 2017 Global Top 100 Sustainable Destinations in the world?
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