Hi friends, customers and Bonaire fans,

It seems every CEO in the world is writing their customers right now and I know exactly how they feel. It’s a test of vision and focus. Companies are looking back, addressing the present and looking forward.

We booked our first clients to Bonaire 34 years ago this month. It was over 22 years ago that we launched the first version of BonairePros.com. I just ventured back in the archives to my first post for the Bonaire Pros blog – it was April, 2009.

Looking back, you could say we’ve been at this for a while!

You Love Bonaire … so Postpone / Don’t Cancel

And here we are today. A time when travel – and particularly Bonaire travel – is in a state of seemingly perpetual suspension. It has been tough on everyone. Particularly the island itself.

Fortunately, you and our customers have been amazing. Most are choosing to postpone their dates instead of canceling their plans entirely. And this is allowing the island to continue working, taking care of staff and planning a re-opening with improvements and protocols in place for a new travel experience with your safety as a primary consideration.

If travel is still in your budget and Bonaire is still in your plans, hang in there. We will do everything we can to help keep your trip on course.

Crisis as Opportunity

The travel shutdown and at-home shut in has given us time to reflect and ask some serious questions about our values as a company. Are there other priorities and problems we should be giving our attention to?

That process has renewed our vision and energy in a profound way.

First, it is important you know we are strong and stable – both financially and as a team. And that is because of the wonderful customers we have the pleasure to serve. And while we plan to pick up right where we left off — providing customers expert advice, exceptional value and VIP service — our focus has shifted to the future challenges of the island and our role as stakeholder, expanding our company’s mission.

So along with providing you reservations and package deals and making sure your Bonaire vacation is awesome, I want to share with you our new vision as a responsible travel partner.

You are part of that vision.

A Different Approach to Tourism

We want to advance Bonaire tourism by deepening visitor involvement in the stewardship of Bonaire’s two most important assets – its nature and its people.

  • Our goal is to integrate travelers as part of the solution to tourism’s long-term impact on Bonaire’s natural resources and society.
  • We seek to engage our customers and visitors by raising both awareness and donations for environmental and social nonprofit institutions on the island.
  • We believe that assisting in the preservation of Bonaire’s natural resources as well as the elevation of the island’s people should be part of each traveler’s mindful experience and a core responsibility of our company.

Bonaire Pros will support a select group of nonprofit institutions and promote their missions as well as educational and volunteer opportunities for visitors. We will urge our customers to support them too.

Additionally, Bonaire Pros will donate and distribute 5% of annual profits to environmental and social foundations on the island.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Drop me an email at rep@bonairepros.com

Thanks for reading our blog and stay well!

Andrew Reppeto

(aka Cowboy Andy)