Bonaire Windsurfing, Kiteboarding and Sailing

Everyone knows about Bonaire’s undersea reputation and dedication to nature. But the island is blessed with another natural attribute that is constant and reliable -- Bonaire’s easterly trade winds. Coupled with three ideally located, natural [...]

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When is the ideal time to buy your Bonaire plane tickets?

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When it comes to planning your next visit to diver’s paradise, if you’re like most folks the research begins before your current vacation is even over. And one of the very first things you start [...]

Bonaire Pros VIP Traveler Assistance

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Trip planning requires reliable information and timely communication. Getting the right vacation option at the best price. And assistance when plans change. When you book your Bonaire vacation with Bonaire Pros, you get experienced travel [...]

4 Cool Facts About Bonaire Nature and Culture

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Don’t miss these unique island residents and historic cultural sites on Bonaire. With its world famous marine park and diving, Bonaire’s topside nature and culture are often overlooked. Whether you’re a seasoned visitor to our [...]

3 Romantic Restaurants on Bonaire You Need to Visit

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Yes, we know you’re coming to Bonaire for the epic scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. But sometimes there’s a special occasion to celebrate. You need a magical evening of fantastic food with a memorable [...]